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And how long did Gavin Rossdale suspect that Gwen Stefani was sneaking around behind his back with Blake Shelton?

According to a new report, the 32-year-old singer is "happy" and starting to date again just months after her divorce from Blake Shelton. RELATED: Miranda Lambert on Winning a CMA Award After Blake Shelton Divorce — "I Needed a Bright Spot This Year" "She is taking things slow and just going with the flow," the insider added to . Her friends think she is in a great mind space." Blake and Miranda in January 2014.

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"I don't know if one handled [the divorce] better than the other but they are handling it the exact opposite of their marriage in the final years," pop culture expert Cate Meighan told FOX411 Country."Miranda was the one that was outspoken about [their marriage] and insisted all was good while Blake was always off doing his own thing and not really saying a whole's the opposite." Lambert's newfound shyness might be because she is embarrassed by her previous outspokenness, Meighan explained.Rossdale was also rumored to have been cheating on Stefani throughout the couple’s 13 year marriage.But were the allegations against Miranda and Gavin a ruse to cover up the fact that a Shelton-Stefani affair was going on?Insiders say Gavin thinks that the back-to-back divorce announcements were all too well-timed.

It is unclear if Miranda suspected Blake was cheating."I don't want to use the word 'heartless' but [Shelton's] a guy and there is a little more abruptness [in his songs]," Meighan said."It seems like [Lambert has] really gone through her emotional stuff since the divorce and his feels a little more like an ode to a thing that's over." Features writer for Taste of Country Sterling Whitaker said Lambert's music is heavier than Shelton's.No one knows what went on in their personal life." Another commenter echoed, "Honestly I don't even care if she cheated on him.The way Blake Shelton has been acting since they separated, his desperate need for EVERYONE to know EVERY detail of his relationship with Gwen Stefani, his Taylor Swift level songs. " However, standing up for Shelton, another user who wrote, "I honestly don't think Blake is really flaunting his relationship at all.Adding to Miranda’s distress could be that Gavin Rossdale claims to have known about Blake and Gwen’s alleged affair before the “Used to Love You” singer confirmed dating Blake.