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The relationship can take several forms and can follow a pattern: The child/young person will be significantly affected by this and may not recognise what is happening to them as abuse, or may feel that it is their fault.

Points of contact can be home, school, shopping centres, entertainment arcades, leisure clubs, taxi ranks, bus and train stations and online.

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They may also be made to introduce their friends as new victims.

Technology is widely used by perpetrators as a method of grooming and coercing victims, often through social networking sites and mobile devices (Jago et al, 2011). They may pose as another young person of a similar age or an adult.

The ‘boyfriend’ grooms the victim by striking up a seemingly loving relationship with them, giving them gifts and going out.

Victims may be required to attend parties and have sex with multiple men, threatened with violence either to themselves or their loved ones if they don’t.

This can be a parent, teacher, support worker,youth worker or a street sport worker.

They can also talk to a social worker who will be able to help on 01724 296500.

This includes a blog written by 15-year-old ‘Alice’, her friends, family and teachers about how CSE happened to her.

The father of a 7-year-old autistic boy has filed a federal complaint against Catawba County Schools after his son was allegedly sexually molested by a 19-year-old mentally challenged student on a school bus.

If however your child is affected, then it is also important to remember: We need to support children and young people to know what healthy relationships are.

We need to help them understand consent and what is a healthy or unhealthy relationship.

However there are people who will listen and help and not judge.