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Soon he was back to his normal bubbly personality.“My name’s-a Fel…”“Feliciano,” she cut him off, “Sorry, I read your files. I stormed the hallways of my school, trying to get to my next class unnoticed.“Miss (l/n)? ” My favorite teacher asked.“Nothing I want to talk about.”“All right, I won’t push you, but I do want to tell you your little friends are looking for you.”“Great…” I continued walking down the hall hoping they won’t find me.

The only thing I had to look forward to was the talent show tomorrow. Russiax Readerx Alfred Mother (Russia) Knows Best (Reprise)“So if we switch the two slides it will make a lot more sense. ” I looked up to see the waitress.“If you could get me a to-go cup that would be nice!

Reader Ain't no rest for the Wicked The two high school love birds sat on the hill, hand in hand.

First my parents get a freaking divorce, some guy runs over my dog, I fail my test. Well you know what, NO Mother (Russia) Knows Best (Reprise)Mother! He was more awesome than Gilbert (don’t tell Gilbert I even thought that).“Would you like another cup of coffee?

You wanted me to come to your stupid club about your imaginary friends? Who would have thought that my teacher would have paired nerdy me with big time jock, Alfred? What girl wouldn’t fall for him, with his bright blue eyes and awesome cowlick. Though, no matter how annoying they could get, they made him who he was.“Arthur, where do you see us in ten years?

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Russia wears a long, heavy tan coat, dark green pants, brown gloves, and a long tan or pink scarf; in the mini-drama CD included with his character album, he mentions to Japan that his scarf is a body part and therefore he cannot take it off.

This, though, might just be an excuse so he will not have to take it off, seeing as how he didn't wear it as a small child before Ukraine gave it to him, and that in some artwork he is actually seen with it off.

The German left the room, Japan following close behind.“Don’t worry I don’t bite.” (y/n) held out her hand for Italy to shake.

You got to know your enemy.”“At least-a you’re not-a as scary as mister England~”“He’s not really that scary.

Russia (ロシア, Roshia) is a main character in the series Hetalia: Axis Powers.

Main article: Uniform Guide: Russia Russia is the tallest of the Allies, as well as the tallest of all the nations alongside Sweden.

Now if we can turn on the voice changer…*random electronic noises*Chai-turtle: Okay let’s bring in our victim! Glad to be here…Chai-turtle: Of course, everyone is!