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Working out with your partner is great way to push yourself and give each other a little encouragement.

Dating and getting to know someone new can be a challenge in itself—but, going on the same old dinner dates can get stale.

I am blessed to live in Colorado, where not only are people extremely active, but we’re lucky to have over 300 days of sunshine each year which allows for a lot of potential date settings.

Fort Collins, Colorado is a great town for online dating websites like ours.

That’s why Love Bug was attracted to this urban oasis.

If you like something a bit more challenging, this could be a great activity to try with your partner.

The climber needs to be sure their partner is “taking up the slack” as they climb so that if they were to fall, they have the faith and confidence that their partner will catch them…and really, when it comes to a life partner, don’t we all want to know that our chosen partner will be there to catch us if we fall?

When climbing, one person belays (holds the rope and takes up the slack) while the other is climbing and it’s of utmost important that you have faith in your partner and trust they will prevent you from falling should you slip.

I enjoy climbing as an exercise in teamwork and trust building.

Maybe you both normally run three or four miles a day individually, but together you inspire each other to go farther.

Conversely, maybe you’re not such a good runner but your partner is and can motivate you to become better.

This is a university town and the culture is vibrant and alive.