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Step 2: Now click on the link blue link "visit Gravatar" on battlelog. Step 5: If you didn't retrieve any, check your Spam folder ;) Now follow the first link posted in the mail.

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PS3 UK In the last few hours the Battlelog has not been updating,played a number of rounds but it is only giving stats/reports for rounds played 1-2 hours ago.

Absolutely tons of vehicle/base camping oor's playing today, all maps all game modes is this messing up the servers/reports?

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When browsing different web sites, you may notice that many users have a picture next to their name.

These pictures are called "avatars." Word Press, however, uses a specific type of avatar called "Gravatars"--short for "Globally Recognized Avatar." Unlike standard avatars, Gravatars follow you around the web and automatically appear when you post a comment on a Word Press site.If you choose not to sign up with Gravatar, the default icon set by the Administrator appears next to your name.Providing your users with avatars has become a convention in web-publishing.- Else read, what the rateings mean in the bottom of the page.Step 11: Now copy your primery email if you choosed that mail to work togehter with battlelog as a gravatar.The image belows show that the image with the Blue border is the selected/active image(latest uploaded image). Step 12: Past the email in the "Gravatar email" and hit enter, or go down in the bottom of the page and click save. - You might wanna clean your cookies to view the image asap.