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Meditating on the sacrifice Christ made in his Passion is a powerful way to change your perspective toward noticing what you have been given already, rather than what you don’t yet have.

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You can meditate on being thankful for a close friend, family member, or simply a great community you are a part of.

When I was single, I remember being very thankful for Baylee, my Labrador.

Even if that love was imperfect, as love from any human will be, we can be thankful for what was given.

The discipline of gratitude is found when we are thankful even when we do not have everything we want. This spirit of gratitude is how we bring ourselves into relationship with Christ at every Mass.

She was a source of companionship, comfort and unconditional love.

Gratitude in relationships can come in many different forms.

RELATED: The Art of Gift Giving in Relationships If an intimate relationship is missing in your life, all this talk about gratitude might be hard to hear. It’s how God made us — to be connected to God and to one another.

Authentic gratitude is not to deny that you want a more intimate connection in your life, but to stay connected to the ones you do have.

Dating back to their earliest performances a decade before, the Dead could be loose, sharp, undisciplined, sloppy, fierce – sometimes all during the same night.

But Deadheads who caught the Palladium shows witnessed a startling sight: a firm and focused Grateful Dead.

Asking God to show you where you need to grow in gratitude is a great way to start building your gratitude muscle for that day when the right imperfect person does show up.