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Loving Daughters and Politically Active Workers Chapter 5. Standing at the edge of the steel and tar sheet party tent, looking for a familiar face in the dancing crowd I felt lonely and somewhat scared. This is the same Suishin garment factory where I roamed almost freely for seven months in 2000 getting to know workers and letting them get to know me.

Twilight was just beginning to fall over the factory grounds and revelers on the dancing floor.

By analyzing how Sri Lankan free trade zone factory workers claim political subjectivity and revealing a vibrant subaltern political universe where they can express alternative perspectives, Stitching Identities in a Free Trade Zone challenges conventional notions about marginalized women at the bottom of the global economy. True, their annual Christmas party is of a much greater scale this time with an outdoor stage decorated in red velvet curtains, a better known band, beer and coco-cola fountains for unlimited drinks and several games including a beer drinking competition.2007 | 296 pages | Cloth .95 | Paper .95 Anthropology View main book page Table of Contents Chapter 1. But there were familiar sights too, such as women's bright colored, glittery party dresses, gold jewelry, high heels and the animated dancing.I just received this gold coin as a gift for completing ten years of service here. 6,500 ()," Deepika agreed while offering the gold coin with Suishin logo for my inspection."I am so mad that they have not promoted you to at least an assistant supervisor position," I said while balancing the coin on my palm to ascertain the quality of gold."Apoi, miss, even if given we would not have accepted. The last part of her statement was drowned by a loud wail of laughter that emanated from a circle of women jostling by the entrance to the factory building. So we went ahead and got our photos with him early," Bhagya said in her usual leisurely accent.You know by now that we don't want to shout at our fellow workers. It was the somewhat chaotic line formed to pose for photographs with Sanuja, the newly appointed factory manager."Sanuja sir was talking to miss and some other people. I turned to look at her closely and she looked back at me with her big, drooping eyes, which rarely reflected how she feels.Luckily, there are several choices nowadays to fit every possible choice.

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