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Rachel trekt bij Monica in nadat ze haar eigen bruiloft ontvlucht.

valt dit jaar niet op een zondag, niet eens in het weekend, maar op vrijdag 16 september 2016.

Zo kan iedereen ook het Fakkeldefil in Eindhoven meemaken (en eventueel de borrel, achteraf in het Stadhuis) op zondag 18 september 2016 en de herdenkingen in Eerde op zaterdag 17 september 2016. Men wilde Nederland terugzien onder vredige omstandigheden en de bevrijdingsherdenking meemaken.

The “Roar” singer, whose birthday was Saturday, had been celebrating a three-week hiatus from her “Prismatic” world tour in Marrakech, Morocco, when she decided to book a last minute private plane from Africa to Europe for a whirlwind 24 hours of partying.

We’re told Perry’s camp booked a flight for 70 people to Paris without much notice because the singer wanted to stay “low key” after details leaked last week of her planned trip to Egypt.

Also, if there is bad weather then the walk will be cancelled, so please call to confirm if you are in any doubt - 6945 575360 (Chris) / 6978873067 (Jan) We look forward to seeing you there.

Welcome to our new website which contains information on our activities, reports of walks, meetings and events, and other news from the Friends of the Kalderimi.

We leave this path to follow the earthroad to Kardamata. It is important that we let the taverna know how many people will be eating.

From there we walk to Afiliades and then back to Platanias, enjoying the fantastic views over Platanias, Mikro and hopefully Evia. Please make sure that you let us know by on Friday evening if you will be eating with us - email to [email protected]

Joey vertelt aan Ross dat hij iemand nieuw moet zoeken om zijn leven mee te delen, later vraagt Ross dan aan Rachel of hij haar ooit eens mag vragen om op date te gaan.