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Also banned: obscene, profane or offensive language.

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• Prohibiting disclosure of the existence of debts to others who are not authorized to know about the debts.• Banning contact with consumers at inconvenient times, such as before 8 a.m. • Allowing consumers to seek proof that they, in fact, actually owe the money the debt collector wants.The basic provisions of the law include: • The right of consumers to sue debt collectors individually or in class actions for violations of the law.• Protection against harassment, including excessive phone calls, abusive language and threats of violence, harm or arrest.Debt collectors are also banned from publishing lists of consumers who refuse to pay their debts (except to send information to a credit reporting bureau or other authorized people such as the original creditor or the creditor's attorneys).

Misrepresentation Some consumers have reported debt collectors showing up at their homes, flashing something that looks like a badge and claiming to be plain clothed police officers.First contacts When first contacting consumers, debt collectors must inform debtors of their rights to dispute the debt.This is referred to as the "mini-Miranda" disclosure information, a reference to the Miranda rights statement law enforcement officers must give prior to arresting criminal suspects.Disputing debts Consumers contacted by debt collection agencies can request written verification or proof of their debts -- but they must do so in writing with a verification letter that must be sent within 30 days of the initial contact from the collector.Collection calls and letters must stop until the debt is verified."I strongly suggest that they realize that they owe.