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On the left, you’ll see additional options that you can adjust.- My Account: Now that you have logged in, this option will automatically display information about your Ever Quest subscription and give you options to make changes to it.-Game Options: This option will let you set up your video card, select which detailed character models you want displayed, and select engine settings based on your computer’s memory status.You do not need to make these changes unless you experience problems running the game.-Preferences: This allows you to enable Background Downloading.

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However when it go to the cha_(something like that) the download froze.Time went up to like 26 hours from the 5 minutes it had left.In 2007 Sony introduced the first Beta of it's new Station Launcher client, designed to keep track of all your SOE games, download updates as they become available, and allow you to communicate with all your friends in all your games. The Station Launcher is the most frequently cited solution for people experiencing extremely slow downloads of the trial or initial installation.At Fan Faire 2008 the possible feature of integrated Station Voice chat, accessible by cell phone, was presented. I have paid for my account for a week now and the stupid crap is catching on the same file.

I even tried to find the file in my system to delete it and cause a new download yet i cannot find it. and then I even took one of my old systems with a fresh install of Windows XP MCE 05 and fresh install of EQ2 and it did the same BS.Or, if you are looking for the Everquest trial, see Escape to Norrath installer.You can also install Everquest on a new computer by copying the installation directory from another computer via a USB memory stick, hard drive, or DVD.I will try to just download the whole game through launchpad.........If that dont work before I get some help I will try to download the game through the SL beta.If all else isn't possible, just a copy of the Everquest patcher (everquest.exe) is sufficient to bootstrap an install.