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“Here you go,” Joe said, lighting the cigarette and holding it out to her. Within minutes there wasn’t a trace of whipped cream left on her, but her face sparkled under the saliva of all those guys. When Jaime Pressly came over, he handed her the money.

“I’ll leave another beer here for you in case you need to refill your bowl.” Putting one of the two remaining beers down next to her, Joe left to go see if Elisha or Amber had shown up yet. “Go get Raw and have him go get more whipped cream. Her feelings a little hurt, Jaime turned around to head to the back of the Hummer. I can’t wait to suck on your huge boobs tonight sometime, Jen,” Eva replied, panting the whole time.

“If I let the guys miss this, they’ll never forgive me!

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And, from the look of the way the Duff sisters are practically hanging off each other, I suspect Lindsay won’t be the only one open all night.” Kelly snorted. And I still need to have you watch me get dressed.” “God, it’s going to be a good party,” TRL smiled as he grabbed the step ladder and followed Kelly across the room. The rage swelled up within her as she witnessed Jen kissing Raw on his chest and kissing him on his ear.“Well, if you’re into just getting it on with someone you barely know, I guess that’s all right.” TRL gave her a look. You need to be kissing someone at midnight for the year to be official. *** “Joe wanted you to get some more whipped cream, Raw,” Jaime explained while her eyes were fixed upon his member stroking in and out of Eva’s pussy. Man, that dude doesn’t w…waste any time,” he stammered while trying to concentrate. “That’s it,” she said aloud and stormed to the front of the vehicle.Back when he’d pitched the idea of DJing the party he also decided the crates he’d been toting were too worn. “Don’t know man,” Joe said, fighting to hide the grin that threatened to cross his face. You should tie the leash off tighter next time.” Hamster grumbled as he put down the liquor in his hands. “She’s safe,” Joe replied, not bothering to elaborate. Popping his out into the open, he asked Kelly for a bowl as she passed by with an arm full of decorations. “Hey guys,” Dave said, “I brought the party favors.” Hilary playfully punched him in the gut while Haylie pouted. Hamster shouted from the bar, “Hey, you guys seen Lindsay? They pranced around Lindsay, who looked back and forth between the two. Look what we have here Haylie.” “Looks like a poor little redhead all alone.” “Well, we can’t have that,” said Hilary.Besides, Tupperware kept dirt away from his records. After doing that, he left the room to search for Lindsay. When she handed him one, he set it in front of Lindsay and poured one of the beers into it. Lindsay blew some of her red bangs out of her eyes. Hilary broke the kiss and said, “She got beer, but she looks hungry.” Out of the two decorated bags came cans of Reddi Wip. ” said Lindsay with panic in her eyes and the Duff girls shook the can and their cans. He said he would already be here,” IYG looked around nervously.

Lindsay rolled her eyes, but put the bowl down and starting lapping away at the beer in it. But Haylie is on her way.” Dave stopped tapping his foot and switched to pacing. Lindsay yelped again with the second stream of whip cream. I would lick it off of you but I’m bitch-tose intolerant.” Lindsay flicked a big wad of cream toward Hilary, who managed to jump out of the way. “Don’t worry, I’m sure there are plenty of volunteers here to clean you up.” The girls turned back to the main room, an arm over each shoulder while Lindsay fumed. “I’m never betting with you again.” *** “Step right up and lick whip cream from Lindsay Lohan’s face,” Joe called out, doing his best imitation of a carnival barker. Proceeds go to buying more whip cream to be sprayed lower on her body.” A steady stream of singles were suddenly thrown at Joe as a swarm of horny perverts stepped up to lick Lindsay’s face clean.

Without them I could not have done this, thanks guys. Also, big props to Evil, whose hard work and determination kept this thing alive, and TRL for coming through with some great stuff to help us out at the end. Except for that Charger-loving A-hole Hamster, he (and all his fellow Charger fans, and Chiefs fans, and above all else Raider Nation) can go to hell. Now enough joking around, on to the business at hand… ” he said to himself, wondering what song would go well with Fat Joe’s part of “New York, New York…” *** “Butch seems to have the music under control,” TRL muttered as he glanced around the empty ball room. “Tell you what – if we get this place set up with some extra time, I’ll let you help me get dressed for the party.” “Huh? Whenever anyone stared at her leash and collar too long, she simply shrugged. *** Hamster, IYG and Rawballz finally returned, each carrying an ass load of alcohol. The other two looked at each other incredulously and began icing down the drinks. ” Ten minutes later Hilary came out in a school girls outfit with white stockings, shiny flat black shoes. Voodoo leaned in closer and whispered even lower, “People say that he’s been smacking her around a little bit.” Voodoo gave him a mercy shrug.

These are the authors, so if you don’t like it complain to these guys: Budpaul, Butch Rosser, Cosmo Kramer, Evil, Hamster, IYG, The King, Rawballz, Tricksterson, TRL, Victor Field, and Voodoo Joe. Others may appear randomly, but these 73 are the main ones, each receiving varying degrees of attention throughout. Here, in chronological order, are the 73 featured celebs: Rachael Ray Kelly Clarkson Lindsay Lohan Eva Longoria Alicia Keys Sarah Michelle Gellar Hilary Duff Haylie Duff Amber Tamblyn Jaime Pressly Jennifer Connelly Angelina Jolie Lauren Graham Jennifer Garner Amanda Bynes Keira Knightley Christina Ricci Charisma Carpenter Maria Menounos Kate Beckinsale Anne Hathaway Alyson Hannigan Iyari Limon Jewel Staite Eliza Dushku Jennifer Aniston Jennifer Love Hewitt Naomi Watts Sarah Silverman Vanessa Marcil Lucy Liu Kirsten Dunst Ashlee Simpson Maggie Gyllenhaal Elisha Cuthbert Michelle Trachtenberg Nicollette Sheridan Rachel Bilson Mya Britney Spears Brittany Daniel Rose Mc Gowan Natalie Portman Mandy Moore Raven Symone Jules Asner Natasha Henstridge Kristen Miller Jada Pinkett Vivica A. It’s fine to me, but I eat most anything.” She chuckled at this, and took a slow lick off the spoon. Hamster’s pet hyena immediately ran to him causing IYG and Rawballz to back away more quickly than necessary. Hamster grabbed himself a Smirnoff twisted apple and went over to help the decorations. If I hear ‘A Moment Like This’ just one time, Kelly here is going to have to fuck Ms. IYG had finished putting the last of the Coronas on ice when a pair of very feminine hands covered his eyes and he heard the voice of his dreams say “Guess who? Her blond hair framed wet, red, shimmering lips and dark eyes had a hint of light blue eye shadow. Hilary slipped her arm under and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “I love you too, TRL,” Raw replied blandly while giving him a middle-fingered salute. Raw could feel the anger boiling inside of his chest, rushing the blood up through his face. I pray to Jesus Christ Superstar that they show up tonight, hand in fuckin’ hand,” Raw spat, and then killed the rest of his beer. Voodoo grabbed Raw on the shoulder, turning him around.

Allow me this time to apologize for letting it be drawn out this late, but here it is and our hard work was worth it. This event isn’t the best organized.” “Well, after what happened with our little island celebration, we decided to keep things simple this year,” TRL replied. ” TRL asked, looking at the boxes of party decorations. It’s not like I’m going to be wearing underwear.” TRL stumbled over himself and ripped into the nearest box of decorations while Kelly giggled to herself. He too was wearing a Chargers throwback in honor of So Cali’s only pro football team. She smiled seductively at him, then slid him a copy of her room keycard.

I’d also like to thank personally TRL and Cosmo Kramer. You try assembling something like this while juggling the demands of school and a normal social life. But seriously, Raider Nation can go to hell, and take your velour jumpsuit-wearing clown of an owner with you! The two were both wearing simple T-shirts and bluejeans as they brought in the last few boxes of decorations from the Van out front. “By the way, do you know who’s supposed to be helping us decorate this place? “This is going to take some time.” “We’ve got time,” Kelly said. And we can always grab some more help.” “I knew I should have invited some Playmates to help.” “I thought the Playmates were boycotting you after what happened on the island.” “Not all of them,” TRL grumbled. Jodi and Carmella weren’t happy to learn they’d been screwing the wrong guy.” “Poor TRL,” Kelly said. On a leash he led a large hyena and on a second leash he led the very lovely Lindsay Lohan who was wearing a very attractive black dress. “I got a box full of assorted decorations.” *** A sudden bang was heard as the doors flew open. “Now, you do,” and with that, she walked off, leaving a slightly confused and rather horny TRL in her wake.

The two women rolled around in the grass, pulling, pushing, slapping… Raw ran to the front of the house and flung open the door. “I’m sorry, please come back, please, pretty please, pretty please with sugar on top.” “OK, OK, I’ll stay, just stop whining already,” Angelina replied and then began to laugh. “You bet your sweet ass I do,” IYG replied and he lowered his head towards the big juicy melons in front of him.