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My excursion to the “nude” section of the beach was extremely freeing.

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We frequently saw women around our hotel after dark, but didn’t expect to see nearly nude women of ALL ages walking the streets.A friend who ventured further toward the district saw one woman wearing just a big ribbon and bow!!Do you have a nudie experience to share or other culture shock scenario?Share with us for a chance to win your very own Eurail Select Pass.They had been gone only a few minute when they came running back up to the room yelling Momma you won’t believe it!!

They had gone into the changing room of the pool and there were both men and women in there in various stages of undress including completely naked.

One showed a triangle, and the other showed a triangle with 2 circles above it. I did a scavenger hunt during my trip to Europe to keep my friends involved in my trip back in America.

One of my main tasks was to get naked on nude beach in France.

I was traveling on a fellowship program and after a day of hearing about politics and the economy our group decided to relax in the spa.

As a mixed group of American men and women, not wanting too much information about our professional colleagues, we put on our bathing suits.

I have never done anything like this, but I decided to be brave and just do it.