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It’s a similar trick that “Covers” saw when Warren Saget began to turn over a new leaf in . It is a testament to Martin’s talent to be able depict this villainous man in such a way that the viewers don’t know what to make of him.

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Carter is a prodigious little actor with a natural talent that surpasses some of what is seen from adults in this business. And his storyline will resonate with so many viewers.

As Carter’s character (Cody) struggles with the loss of his parents (especially his father), the sympathy abounds for him. One is featured here–our own Mountie Jack, who know what it is like to lose a father, but the other character who steps in just may surprise you.

In the back, you can just about make out Christian as Timmy, and then there are two girls in the back who are returning as well–Gracyn as Emily and Genea as Laura.

Now while most of the children are only featured minimally in this episode, there is no doubt that there will be more to come from these talented young people and the opportunity for a wide variety of stories. The addition of Carter to this glorious show is a total triumph.

No fan of the show will want to miss this powerful testament to the true heart and vision of this remarkable man.

Secondly, please know that there is a possibility that you will find spoilers in this review.Elizabeth and Jack struggle to find time alone as their romance grows more serious.As Elizabeth makes a decision to move out on her own, Abigail learns Gowen has an upsetting new plan for her café, and Cody’s misbehavior causes a rift between Abigail and Elizabeth.I work extremely hard to ensure that I never reveal too much, but in truth, Hallmark reveals things quite often through their pictures.Please do not read this now if you are worried about spoilers. A true “hallmark” of the show (pun intended) has always been the children of Hope Valley.I never knew quite what to think of her last season.