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In the last "Hell Week" dinner, Zayday says that Chanel is her primary suspect to be killer, because of what she did to Ms.

Zayday and Grace later go to find Chanel #2 in her bedroom and discover a stain on the carpet, however Denise Hemphill comes up behind them and confirms it is blood.Denise also goes onto reveal Chanel #2's final tweet, saying that she is being murdered by the Red Devil.The store manager appears and Zayday tells him to call the police because they caught the serial killer.When Zayday unmasks him it is revealed to be Eugene, someone from Zayday's classes who was only playing a prank on them.They all start fighting about who the killer is until Denise Hemphill and Chad Radwell enter to the room to announce the tragic deaths of Shondell and Boone, leaving Zayday and the other Kappa sisters scared.

The episode begins with Zayday and Grace heading towards a store, discussing Pete Martínez's links to the possible Red Devil killings.

They all go to check if the Red Devil is still there, and Zayday grabs a flowerpot to defend herself.

When they enter to a room, they see "SLUTS WILL DIE" written on the wall and scream horrified.

But Grace sweetens the deal that if Zayday joins and becomes KKT president then she can one day become even more successful, or possible landing a job as the POTUS, which she agrees to join.

Zayday is seen at the KKT party, alongside Hester Ulrich, Tiffany and Sam when Gigi Caldwell and Cathy Munsch announce the plan to make the sorority open to anyone at the college who wants to pledge, which amuses Zayday and infuriates the Chanels, especially Chanel Oberlin the current leader of the sorority.

She was the former co-president of the Kappa Kappa Tau sorority along with Chanel Oberlin, before later the becoming the sole president with Grace Gardner as her vice president and Hester Ulrich as treasurer. Zayday is first introduced as Grace Gardner's dorm roommate at Wallace University, commenting on her fear of the bathrooms' physical state, due to a worm crawling in the communal bathrooms.