Did ashley tisdale dating austin butler

At the end of the day, Peyton begins to question Sharpay's motives for getting Boi in the production, and she drops out of his movie.

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Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale try to keep discreet as they head out of Wunda Bar Pilates on Sunday afternoon (August 31) in Studio City, Calif.The two best friends were joined by Vanessa‘s boyfriend Austin Butler for their Sunday workout.Rest easy, Vaustin stans of the world: Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler are back in the public eye after way, way too long.The cute couple, who have been dating since September 2011, graced us with their presence at the 2015 Fandom Awards at Comic-Con in San Diego on Thursday (July 9).In New York, Sharpay is kicked out of her penthouse because they don't allow dogs.

While in despair, she meets Peyton Leverett (Austin Butler), an aspiring film director and son of Sharpay's mother's friend from college, who offers her a studio apartment if she will be the subject of his film project, to capture one unique New York story.

Sharpay accepts but is disgusted to find out what it is.

To make her feel better, Peyton takes her to the stage of a Broadway theatre, which inspires her to make the best of the situation.

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It was their first public appearance together in a while, because Vanessa’s been starring in the Broadway production of "Gigi" while Austin’s been busy filming his upcoming MTV show “The Shannara Chronicles.” Needless to say, seeing these two together again instantly reminded us why they’re one of our favorite celeb pairs.