Did amerie and fabolous dating Adult dating sex tips

Alicia is an idiot for being in a relationship w/a married man in the first place. Amerie you need to not support this kind of bs from your man.

This proves that even when these two get divorced they will still have peace for their son.

Hopefully one day alicia will be able to see that she shouldnt have involved herself in someones family matters.

Really your life must suck back if all you have to is be so negative. I think her career went downhill when she left Rich Harrison and linked up with her "manager." Her best work was with Rich.

If you don't like her music, or her then why comment on a story about her. Here in the States, we like singers who can actually sing.

He has been in five celebrity relationships averaging approximately 3.6 years each.

Her fiance is her boyfriend/manager Lenny Nicholson.

And by the looks of this pic, the ring is eye catching.

Pics from Fabolous' son's 2nd birthday party with Swizzy, Mashonda, and others when you read the rest...

Has she never heard of "don't mix business with pleasure"?

I don't wanna hear that he's dominican that nigga is black.

Yes Amerie has degree in Fine Arts, and yes she arranges/produces/writes her own music, but it just doesn't translate well. She needs to take some singing lessons, it can only help!