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Some day.” Sure, Havok, 41, is preparing to head out on tour with his group (which includes longtime members Jade Puget on guitar, drummer Adam Carson, and bassist Hunter Burgan), backing their new tenth effort, , left off, opening on the sinister military march “Dark Snow,” then tapping into Mission-and-Sisters-of-Mercy-vintage basslines and even heavier philosophical musings on “Aurelia,” ”Get Hurt,” “Snow Cats,” and a Bauhaus-evocative “Feed From the Floor,” with Havok’s voice hovering over the proceedings like a cloak-fluttering Max Schreck in F. But that’s merely the first item on the artist’s cluttered roster.

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As an ardent animal lover, he would love to own a pet or two. I always take the opportunity to go and visit my friends’ cats, whenever I’m given the chance.” All good devils need a familiar.

“But I actually don’t have the ability to even consider something like that, given my hectic life,” he sighs. But over his band’s 25-year career, Havok has transformed into something almost angelic.

“Two months off would be incredible,” the Los Angeles native purrs, trying to envision an exotic, stress-free retreat. So that’s kind of my only getaway – for only two days, unfortunately.

I don’t have the time to take a vacation, because I have so much that I want to do.

Which gave him the courage to sign on to PETA’s nude-notables campaign.

He loved cruelty-free clothing, but was gutsy enough to disrobe for the striking new print spread.

Having always lived a compassionate, straight-edge lifestyle, it’s no surprise that, in addition, he oversaw a hip line of vegan clothing and footwear called Zu Boutique, plus cool collaborations with PNUT Jewelry.

And after Zu ended in 2012, he’s jumped back into the fashion fray with a new company, Eat Your Own Tail, revolving around stark, message-heavy black T-shirts.

Inside, however, he remains just as sepulchral – and remarkably sophisticated – as ever.

He no longer has any need to manifest it all outwardly.

And because I’m fortunate enough to have the ability to do these things, I feel like I have to take those opportunities when they present themselves.” He sighs, with forlorn detachment.