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The character George, the biker boyfriend played by Aaron Eckhart, was based on Erin Brockovich-Ellis's Mexican-American biker boyfriend Jorge.

Erin and Jorge did break up, but he did not leave her life.

Shooting on location helped achieve a very naturalistic tone, and recruiting local extras from Hinkley who had been involved in the case added to the authenticity.

The burgundy t-shirt with gold lettering she wears that is cut off says "Oakton Cougars".

Afterward she was quoted as saying, "It doesn't bring out the Albert Einstein moment that you hoped it would." Erin Brockovich-Ellis initially hoped Goldie Hawn would play her in the film, but Ed Masry - the real-life lawyer - thought that Roseanne Barr would be more suitable.

Oddly enough, Masry actually stated once that Julia Roberts - who later won an Oscar for the role - would be the least suitable actress for the part, claiming that ".has no tits and no foul mouth, so it wouldn't work." However, she was cast and Erin and the Academy were delighted with her work.

He was hired as a full time live-in nanny for Erin's children for several years, paid for by the law firm so that she would have more time to devote to her work.

The real Erin Brockovich-Ellis actually got sick from the chromium poisoning she was investigating.

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However, if you’re willing to ride pillion, read on. We’re Never Around Ah, a beautiful Saturday morning.

How about a stroll in the park, or brunch at that hip new cafe? Look, unless there's a blizzard going on, motorcyclists are going to spend their free time riding motorcycles.

Steven Soderbergh decided to leave that aspect out of the film as it would make Erin out to be too much of a martyr.