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The chat function was also updated in 2009; the current chat is powered by a company called Chat Blazer and is Flash based.Black Planet has recently introduced two interactive games for users, Farmandia and Fishdom.In an online poll conducted by the site, over 2/3 of Black Planet's online community stated their intention to vote in the 2008 election.

“Black Planet creates branded profile pages to integrate advertisers into the social community, enabling members to engage as friends”; as well as personal profiles Black Planet also allows pages for brands, personalities, and products.In 2009, Black Planet introduced new features to the website, including a Facebook-style status update, and a news bar that keeps users up-to-date with information shared on Interactive One and Black Planet.As of June 2007, Black Planet had 16.5 million members and 80 million page views.It was described as the largest online media entity for African-Americans and "the granddaddy of social-networking sites" , Black Planet enjoyed more than 6 million unique visitors a month in April 2008."Voluntarily socializing with people who share your interests is what freedom is all about," he says. We found we were not segregating the web." However, niche community tools such as Black Planet do host users who wish to promote separatism, such as gangs, and this has not gone unnoticed.

"Gangs have had a presence on the Internet since its inception.As part of their mission they aim to motivate and involve individuals to participate in civic engagement.Black Planet Rising works with a charitable organization called Donors, which connects users to offer donations of critical resources, such as books, supplies, computers, field trips and guest speakers to public schools.Before today's popular networks allowed you to "like" posts, "poke" crushes, or "retweet" celebrities, web-savvy African Americans were connecting on Black Planet.The guys who started Myspace were quoted in Business Week magazine saying that they looked at Black Planet as a model for Myspace and thought there was an opportunity to do a general market version of what Black Planet was.You never know when you’ll need to purchase more food, accessorize your underwater kingdom or give your fish some new friends." The similarities to Facebook’s Farmville have not gone unnoticed by the Black Planet users, who point out the need for improvement of the site’s infrastructure and principal features such as chat prior to the introduction of games.