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So why are pain and heartbreak still providing the inspiration for pop music's mistress of alchemy?Recently, one of Ravi Shankar's daughters was presenting a musical journey.' I'm like, no, because I know what's real and what's not. "You take a feeling that everyone feels – it doesn't mean that's what reality is.

The lady, it seems, has been having a rough old time of it.Which is especially unlucky, you might say, as her last album was a break-up album too."There's such a great correlation between traditional flamenco and what Anoushka does," she says of her half-sister."It sounds great."Several weeks and 300 miles away in another German city, Jones is unveiling her own journey.In the waiting-room of the old Cologne railway station, she's diving into herself and exorcising demons.

As attested by the songs on her new album Little Broken Hearts, a man gone done her wrong.And the song is like a little flash of one of those feelings."Despite the hubbub of chat – tonight resembles a class reunion for the German media – and the rumble of overhead trains, the show is going well.As she plays the new album in its entirety, Jones hops from ancient Wurlitzer to guitar to piano.The Fall (2009) was partly a chronicle of her split with Lee Alexander, a member of her band with whom she'd had an eight-year relationship.Is it wise for an artist – especially an artist of Jones's huge global profile – to be documenting more heartache?"I didn't want to just throw a bunch of people together and see how they get along," she shrugs.