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Vacation vultures are after the travel expenses and luxurious shopping, and they prefer having their personal expenses fully paid for by their suitors.

They adore visiting exotic places and laying their grabbing hands on expensive items, they enjoy partaking of all the niceties of a lavish lifestyle.Of course, they do all that at the expense of their gullible suitors.It is very rare that such women are genuinely interested in marriage, though they may be ambiguous about the issue.Some of these creatures prey on free Russian dating sites, others prefer real life venues.But when you begin paying for all this, you will discover that it is an outrageous rip off.

When on a date, such a Russian or Ukrainian woman would usually behave in a distant, even aloof manner, she may be even rude to you, especially after you pay your dues to the landlord, the hotel or the taxi driver.

As a rule, they don’t like the idea of setting a date in their home towns, because they adore traveling overseas and would expect you to arrange everything and to cough up cash for the traveling package.

Vacation vultures are rather secretive and they rarely disclose a lot of personal details.

Some of them may also combine this “profession” with other rip off schemes, including taking you to expensive restaurants and shops.

In this case be also prepared to meet their girlfriends or even relatives, they will want their presents as well.

Sad but true – when it comes to Russian or Ukrainian dating, there are often a lot of obnoxious scamming activities involved into this process.