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The student decides to conduct an experiment to determine if their soda intake really does have an effect on their energy level. the number after it is between 5 and 9 groups of individuals that belong to the same species and live together population The difference between an ecosystem and a community is that a(an) c. All of the above Organisms that manufacture organic nutrients for an ecosystem are called c. killing and eating the competitors of other species. Graph D The acceleration of the cart shown below is represented in the given graph.What critical thinking step has the student just completed in the situation described above? Asking a question There is no simple way to determine whether a website has an editorial process to evaluate the factual accuracy of the information presented. To be accurate, all the arrows would need to be near the ring labeled 10. ecosystem includes both living and nonliving parts of the environment. All organisms in an ecosystem are part of the food web of that ecosystem. How are biotic factors different from abiotic factors? Biotic factors are living and abiotic factors are non-living. If a second block is added to the cart, what might be the resulting acceleration?

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This Course includes: The Dating Relating and Mating DVD Program (3 DVDs), 1 Dating Relating Mating Workbook that serves as a Dating Workbook, a Relating Workbook, and a Mating Workbook, plus FREE email support.Sponsored Products are advertisements for products sold by merchants on Each person obtains a reading of 7.32 g for the mass of the standard. According to rounding rules for addition, the sum of 27.1, 34.538, and 37.68 is ____. 99.3 You calculate the following answer to a problem: 12.655 cm. 12.66 cm How close a measured value is to an accepted value is called a(n) ____. True The model of the solar system changed, because _______. Which of the following statements about scientific models is not true? False What is 0.55 hectometers expressed in decimeters? 550 dm Which of the following is the SI unit used to measure mass? kilogram Volume can be measured in liters or cubic meters. False The metric system is now known as the international system of units. Which of the following measurements has the greatest precision? 100.00 Round the number 14.587020 to 4 significant digits. 14.59 Which of the following values is the largest? True A food chain is made up of interrelated food webs. A relationship between a producer and consumer is best illustrated by a d. Producers in an ecosystem transfer all of their energy to primary-level consumers. On the pyramid, animals that feed on plant eaters are no lower than c. ______________ break down essential nutrients and return them to the soil. Decomposers In an ecosystem, available energy___________________ at each successive trophic level. What is the independent variable for this experiment? true Which element represents 10% of the elements in the human body? true Scientific data can be organized into different types of graphs.These results imply that the balance that was used is ____. precise What is the measurement 111.009 mm rounded off to four significant digits? You are asked to round your answer to four significant figures. True What is the purpose of the prefixes in the metric system? The amount of water Scientific questions must be _______. Which type of graph would best illustrate the information from Table 2-1? bar graph Scientists follow specific processes in order to determine valid explanations and conclusions from scientific data.Which of the following is not a control for this experiment? the amount of water An experiment looking at structures smaller than a cell would most likely employ a _______. transmission electron microscope Which of the following pieces of laboratory equipment is not directly used to make measurements? test tube A balance is best used to measure a sample's _______. mass Which of the following is the best explanation for why it is important to follow lab safety guidelines? Following laboratory safety guidelines minimizes the chance of lab accidents. Her engine overheats when the temperature outside is over 100 degrees. A cup with steam coming from it will be hot to the touch. A hypothesis is developed by determining a way to test multiple uncontrolled variables. true Which of the following is not used to perform experiments with liquids? rulers Which of the following is the SI unit used to measure length? meter How many significant figures are in the measurement 0.020 km? 2 Which type of graph is best for analyzing quantitative dependent and independent variables? line graph What feature is common to all microscopes, and how is this feature related in the word microscope?

Which of the following pieces of lab equipment is used to protect eyes? goggles Julia notices that the "check engine" light comes on while driving her car on days with temperatures of over 100 degrees. It is rare to prove a hypothesis as incorrect through experimentation. True Which of the following is not an example of critical thinking? implementing the first solution to a problem identified The scientific method is one application of critical thinking. All microscopes allow visualization of samples that are too small to be viewed by the naked eye.Why would it be important to question the results of this experiment? all of the above A transmission electron microscope would be the best microscope choice to study _______. structures smaller than cells Which of the following is not used to perform experiments with liquids? rulers Scientists use critical thinking skills throughout the process of research or experimentation. Producers Which of the following steps starts the water cycle? evaporation and transpiration A lake that is protected from receiving the runoff from a cultivated field is likely to remain a healthy ecosystem. sunlight _____ percent of organisms on Earth are considered carbon-based. 99.9% The tendency for warm air to rise and cool air to sink results in a. What is the relationship between cloud cover and the amount of energy that hits the Earth? increased cloud cover decreases energy Which of the following contributes to maintaining the temperature on Earth? humidity Earth has three main climate zones because of the differences in a. A hygrometer is used to measure ____________, and its measurements will differ between climate zones. the percentage of water vapor, or humidity, that is in the local atmosphere Earth's natural "insulating blanket" is the biosphere. causing precipitation to fall mostly on one side of the mountain. The motion of the cart is represented by the v vs t graph shown.A student notices that their energy level always seems to decrease when they drink soda, but they seem to have more energy when they don't drink soda. True Nitrogen fixation is carried out primarily by c. A symbiotic relationship in which both species benefit is b. Each of the following is an abiotic factor in the environment EXCEPT a. A predator can increase the numbers of certain species in its habitat by a. If the experiment were repeated with all three fans running, what might the resulting v vs t graph look like?True Which of the following would not be a contributing factor to the life span of goldfish in a backyard pond? the size of the goldfish During the summer, after a big storm blows through, David notices leaks from his air conditioner. True Which of the following is not one of the guidelines for brainstorming? striving for quality Why is it important to apply critical thinking to spam e-mail? all of the above The critical evaluation of websites allows users to identify _______. websites containing false or misleading information The scientific method helps scientists avoid injecting which of the following into their experiments? bias Which of the following is not a step in evaluating the reliability of a website? all of the above are steps in evaluating a website's reliability Which of the following is not true concerning Internet websites? They have an editorial process to correct inaccurate information. True Identifying the single solution to a situation or problem is a crucial element of critical thinking. Microscopes let scientists make observations of microscopic objects.Which of the following is the best explanation of the contributing factor for this problem? False Vague terms are often used in advertising because they can have more than one meaning. Microscopic objects are too small to be seen with the naked eye. false Scientific models are based on a set of observations.Using an evenhanded and nonjudgmental approach, Ellis and Harper offer help for bettering relationships and developing lifelong bonds with friends, children--even in-laws--as well as significant others.