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Unfortunately, many women have been subjected to hostile and harassing comments on those dating apps.

This hostility has led to the creation of datings apps made by women for women, Bumble being one of the many.

What I specifically liked about this app is that it aims to bring back the essence of online dating – in-person interactions – and places the chat into context right from the start of the conversation.

This is a hard task, but the developers behind Elimi managed to solve it cleverly: After creating your profile, you will need start a “game” similar to good old “Truth or Dare”.

To me, that seems silly that either person would pay for the other. It is certainly not your job to pay for me choosing to go out with you.

We could easily both pay our own way and take the whole ‘who pays’ out of the equation.”If your partner says, “Well I really love treating my partner to a night out,” you could follow up with, “I can certainly understand wanting to do that.

The same goes for you when you are looking for ladies or men nearby: First, you need to answer the person’s question, and if she/he accepts it (or let’s say, if you “win” the “game”), chat is turned on, and you can start a conversation.

The best thing of all is that you know it’s a real person on the other side, so from that moment on, it all depends on you.

However, there's a slight catch: Bumble will have an option that will allow users to hide certain artists they listen to from the feed after the Spotify feature is live on its app, according to a company spokesperson.

Some dating apps, such as Tinder and Ok Cupid, have largely been created by male teams.

Instead, the couple focuses on the combined financial outlook.

When Dating What about before you are in a committed relationship – when you are dating?

The feature will be coming out over the next few weeks."For us, it’s all about giving our users more fun and meaningful ways to connect.