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Shook TITLE: Waverly Beach, with plenty of parking nearby, is a favorite swimming spot at Indiana Dunes State Park, Chesterton, Indiana.

DATE: circa 1960s PUBLISHER: The Randle Company (#61605, #M25/83) POSTMARK: none COLLECTION: S. Swimming pool -- air-conditioned -- restaurant -- free TV -- free teletype reservations. DATE: circa 1960s PUBLISHER: Nancy Ek Ferguson, Koppel Corporation (#84746) POSTMARK: COLLECTION: S. The Napole Cafe, which opened in 1939, was owned and operated by Americo Joseph Semento, Senior. Shook REMARK: The Villa Court Motel was constructed and operated by Americo Joseph Semento, Junior, shortly after his discharge from the military at the end of World War II. He was born July 14, 1899, at Norwich, Conn.; height, 5 feet, 8 1/2 inches; weight, 158 pounds; color, white; after boxing the best middles in America, Clabby went to Australia again although he had been there in 1911 and toured the world at the time with T. He was beaten by Morris Schlaifer at East Chicago, Ind., and then retired.

Hospitality and excellent food at the edge of the business district. The theory is that these dunes trace their history back to the glacial period and were forced up by the action of the ice. Shook TITLE: Indiana Dunes State Park, on the shore of Lake Michigan, wonder spot of Indiana. Shook TITLE: The summer's end in the dunes, Dunes State Park, Tremont, Ind.The peculiar beauty of these dunes is in itself a great asset, to say nothing of the protection which they afford from the winds that blow off Lake Michigan during the winter months. The region from Gary east to Michigan City, along the southern shore of Lake Michigan, known as "The Dunes," is the wonder spot of Indiana, into which nature has crowded beauty unsurpassed, geological wonders, bird and animal life of intense interest, and a profusion of wild flowers with a charm not easily resisted. This beautiful picture of "The Dunes" in Indiana State Park, on the shores of Lake Michigan, is only one of hundreds of picturesque scenes that will delight your eyes on your visit to "The Dunes." DATE: 1931 PUBLISHER: F. Dra Goo, Curteich (#1A1570) POSTMARK: none COLLECTION: S.Shook TITLE: The summit of Mount Tom, Indiana Dunes State Park.Mount Tom, covering more than 100 acres, is 195 ft. Shook TITLE: Indiana Dunes State Park, Chesterton, Indiana. DATE: circa 1960s PUBLISHER: Harvey's Studio, Dexter Press (#5952-C) POSTMARK: none COLLECTION: S.