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I think that Magie just evokes that confidence and sexiness.

My boyfriend at the time would lay in my laundry and sniff my clothes because he couldn't get over how good it and I smelled.

It is one of the most bewitching oriental fragrances. After sensing Magie Noire on my skin I had true feeling that something has changed.

This exoctic bouquet starts with Bulgarian rose blackcurrant buds. Its old mosy soul, its smoky breath, its sharpnes and tuberose-honey warmth bewitched me. ____________________________________________________ - personal part - if you are not interested, just skip it, please. It is the olfactory group which gave me the most trouble and self-questioning.

I wore the body products and pure perfume through high school and college, I'm fortunate to have an older bottle of the perfume and an older bottle of eau de toilette.

I wish they still made the body cream, it was so luxe!

It is also strong and long lasting even in its current form so I think the reformulation cannot be that bad after all.

I have a number of complex fragrances but this is really so rich and multifaceted.Don't blind buy this - sample it first because it is so unique and weird that not everyone is going to like it - it's definitely not a "crowd pleaser", but that just adds to it's allure for me, because a lot of times, as we all know, crowd pleasers can often be rather dull.So if you're tired of the same old, same old offerings, give Black Magic a try.IMHO, everything important about the perfumes concernes personal, bodily and sensous connection.After that bond is established, I can rationalize them, evaluate or compare them, like them or love them. The perfume possesed me, bewitched me and owerpovered me, in spite of my preferences and "chipre-trouble". I recently revisited it for fun and fell in love all over again, and purchased the formulation currently available, which smells to me like it used to.Magie Noire will be my other potion which gives me this kind of power. Gosh those were the days I only needed one spritz and wherever I went people loved it.