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Second, the sexual union whereby the two become one flesh.The "one flesh" refers to both the intimate and unique union that a husband and wife experience in the sexual union, as well as the offspring of that union, children.If anyone comes to Me, and does not hate his own father and mother and wife and children and brothers and sisters, yes, and even his own life, he cannot be My disciple...

The Greek word for adultery, "moikeia", is NOT used in this passage.

Thus, this author believes this exception is best understood in the context of Deut.

If a disciple of Jesus who is married, goes into an adulterous relationship and does not repent after going through Family discipline as given in Matt. If a disciple gets caught in the flesh and stumbles and transgresses, but repents when confronted (Matt.

-17), then there should be restoration and forgiveness granted to that spouse (Matt. Truly, forgiveness is the key to walking after the Light, for His forgiveness towards us is infinitely more than we'll ever be called upon to grant to others, including a temporarily unfaithful spouse (Matt. It is the mistake of those with a proud heart to place an unforgiving spirit above mercy (Matt. So, what about those who divorce for reasons other than sexual immorality?

Again, lying is a sin, and if confessed by the one who lied, and repented from, there is no reason forgiveness could not be granted. This author would modify that to say it would have to be unrepentant adultery, in which case Matt.

However, in this case, it is allowable and legitimate before God for a husband who was lied to by his wife-to-be regarding her virginity, to divorce his wife. would not be the primary verse of guidance, but rather John .

Once again, God's intent for the marriage relationship is that it be a permanent relational commitment that is to last as long as each spouse lives (Matt. Contrary to the traditions of men, the marriage relationship is entered into when a man and a woman commit themselves to each other as husband and wife and consummate that commitment by the sexual union.

Jesus (nor even the new testament) offers NO precepts or guidelines for "marriage ceremonies".

It might be wise to have others as witnesses to the commitment, as well as to share in the joy of a public commitment, but this is not commanded by Joshua/Jesus.

If the couple lives in a country where laws exist that require the marriage be "registered" in the government's eyes in some manner, they should submit to those laws as long as obeying that law does not interfere with obeying Jesus.

The husband and wife (two) produce children (one flesh).