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Though it is weird for both of them afterward, they realize that there is something there worth giving a shot, and proceed to have sex again.

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I'm a really big fan of Patti Lapone and he and Patti are singing.He got up and started dancing and singing in front of me and the whole trailer is rocking around and then we both walk out and there's a crowd of people watching, wondering what was going on!The three talk it out and everything is worked out though Dave is quite freaked out by the whole situation.The Couple: Married couple Abby (Kristin Booth) and Andrew (Josh Dean) try to bring their sex life some excitement by trying something "new" in the bedroom.The Roommates: Gord wants to watch his roommate Dave have sex with his girlfriend while he watches.

It seems to work but after Dave continues to have sex with her, jealously sets in and Gord attacks Dave.

The cast also includes Makenzie Moss (“Steve Jobs”) and Erik La Ray Harvey (“Boardwalk Empire”).

Producers are Sandra Siegal through her Siegal Entertainment banner and MJ Films’ Mark B.

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Though Andrew is reluctant he goes through with it though not without some awkwardness.