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can't judge the book by its cover with Aqua placements I think...

they just come across as cold though that doesn't mean they have no feelings..r just more cool and logic about it.... just basing it on my experience n my moon in Aqua is talking here Show me the looksmatch of a female with a 6/10 face and a 5/10 body.

that man she was in love with was chasing her n giving her everything but she was running away from her heart coz it prob scared her to death lol... Rugg Mz H3Gw https:/Hello, As people here have been really helpful in me understanding my situation with my ex, I have decided to post here again and ask you lovely Aquas for advice.My ex and I broke up 6 months ago due to her family not accepting me. They do not confess unless they really confide in you. Or they saw something in you where you weren't being yourself. when he said yes he is indenial at first until my friend and i gave him a reason,damn he is such a martyr being with someone who isnt worth it pissed me off,the girl who is the mother of his child keeps on asking for money doesnt even know that he isnt eating dinner just to send money that she spent gambling and spending for another man,smacked him for it dont worry 😀 Then you should keep his problems private too.Generally speaking, Pisces is a sensitive water sign, and Aquarius is a more impersonal air sign.

However, since they are adjacent signs, sometimes Pisces and Aquarius can get along because they might have planets in each other's sign. Some Aquarians are quite sensitive and understanding. Aquarians ARE emotional, we are only human BUT we don't value emotions as much as the other signs and we try to be level headed and take a logical, Methodical approach to Aqua friend was running away from her true soul mate for about 10 years while she was dating a man who she wasn't into for a very long time while having her heart set on another man... There are other emotions besides sadness and butter... His chart: Aqua Sun Scorp Moon Pisces Merc Aries Ven Cancer Mars Aqua Saturn & can't remember the rest of his butter right now... and I'm not saying emotional as in crying all the time and butter..Posted by truecap My husband was very guarded with emotions when we were dating. They are capable of huge sacrifices and we should not take their feelings easily. Posted by bumboklatt Emotions usually don't mix with progressive ideals, because emotions cause bias The emotional detachment is actually a contradiction because we see the bigger picture of humanity, we care but we can't care about individuals as much as the whole notion of being human and living Aquarius is a man, not a horse, not a twin, not a fish, a man And men usually don't look at petty things, men wanna be men and they wanna live life and think everyone else should live how they see fit, without judgement and without competition The goals is: live your life, seek knowledge and one leads to the other Posted by saweetz1988 I believe they do have a heart.