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When the extroverted partner expresses her/his feelings, whether loving or angry, and the introverted partner remains silent, the extrovert is likely to interpret the silence as a lack of caring, of indifference, or of rejection.The extrovert might ‘up the ante’ at that point, pressing harder for a response of some kind, which is then likely to cause the introvert to retreat and delay even further.

“The most important tip for dating an introvert is to accept that this is the personality of the person you are dating,” says Stephanie D.

Mc Kenzie, MBA, CPC, CRC, a certified life and relationship coach as well as director at The Relationship Firm.

“Many times people like someone who is introverted, except for the fact that they are introverted. Accepting this person or exactly who they are and how they are is the key to everything working.

They will not be the life of the party, a social butterfly, or an amazing group conversationalist.

“Hanging out and not talking is the holy grail for introverts,” adds Grace.

“This means we are comfortable around you, and enjoy the unspoken companionship. Introverts appreciate it when you take the time to notice what they are silently communicating to you.“It is better to be prepared or warned about things like that beforehand.I like going out and about but I need time to recharge between activities—especially social ones. Smith, a marriage and family therapist and Clinical Director and President, at Seeking Shalom, in New York, NY agrees.However, they might be extremely polite, quietly amused in social situations, and very intuitive in your post-social, private time.” In other words, see your introvert for who he or she is, and value the good.“Audience participation is my worst nightmare,” says Grace V., a social media strategist in Madison, Wisconsin.If you must attend an event with lots of people, keep it brief.