Cupid dating show lisa shannon

Carrie, USA I watched the show last night and I have to tell you I won't be watching again. I would wait till the three women said "Yes, yes, yes, welcome to Cupid", then I would say "No, no, no, goodbye!

But the show was never designed as an on-screen vehicle for Cowell.

Someone must have had a change of heart since he could easily be mistaken as the show's main host.

Unlucky in love, Lisa hopes to solve her dating problems with the help of her two best friends, Kimberly and Laura, and the votes of the American public.

Just like the Idol show, they tour the country auditioning hundreds of potential Mr Rights.

Each man has 30 seconds to impress the trio of young women who clearly do not suffer fools.

Have your say on the show Their aim is to select a shortlist of 10 candidates who will get to know Lisa better in later episodes.

"That's the ugliest face I think I have ever seen," was the verdict on one reject.

Kimberly and Laura taunt and humiliate the men as if it is a blood sport.

Replace a group of hapless wannabes with an odd-ball collection of men who are desperate for love - or a million dollars - and American Idol becomes Cupid.

Billed by CBS as a "twisted new idea" the show aims to find a husband for Lisa Shannon, a 25-year-old advertising copywriter.

After all the tests they put us through me and another guy refused to do the show when they called us back. I loved the planted actors who made fools of themselves and the other would-be contestants. She dresses like a tart and she acts so stupid, nasty and rude.