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Daughter of the Lilies A brutish adventurer has fallen for his co-worker: a shy and talented Mage with many secrets.

The Glass Scientists In an alternate Victorian London, a ragtag group of mad scientists evade pitchfork mobs and the madhouse with the help of their charismatic leader-- a man who has split his soul in two. A small, poorly financed research crew is sent out to rediscover whatever is left of the forbidden old world in the south.

Johnny Wander Johnny Wander might be about life after college, being a kid, growing up and all the people you meet and all the things that happen in that brave new world. Parallax Lomax longed for his life to be different, but becoming a pink-haired magical fighter wasn't what he'd planned!

Not Drunk Enough A quick late night repair at a corporate lab should not have sent Logan into a hellish landscape fraught with monsters, but it seems Lady Luck gave him the middle finger. Updates Tuesdays and Thursdays Astral Aves Witches, ghosts, politics, trans-ethereal commerce!

Astra the Black, daughter of the Moon Prince, takes fate into her own hands and sets into motions events that may change her world forever.

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