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Rejected by the Portuguese king for a three-ship voyage of discovery, Columbus took his plan first to Genoa and then to Venice but was rejected there, too.He then went to the Spanish monarchy of Isabella of Castille and Ferdinand of Aragon, in 1486. READ HERE Columbus continued to lobby the royal court and soon after the Spanish army captured the last Muslim stronghold in Granada in January of 1492.He estimated the earth to be a sphere approximately 63% its actual size and the distance between the Canary Islands and Japan to be about 2,300 miles.

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His first voyage into the Atlantic Ocean in 1476 nearly cost him his life as the commercial fleet he was sailing with was attacked by French privateers off the coast of Portugal.

His ship was burned and Columbus had to swim to the Portuguese shore and make his way to Lisbon, Portugal, where he eventually settled and married Felipa Perestrello. His wife died soon after and Columbus moved to Spain.

Columbus participated in several other expeditions to Africa.

In 1492 Columbus left Spain in the Santa Maria, with the Pinta and the Niña along side.

Her post just two days ago all but confirmed that Columbus is indeed her man.

After getting kicked out for allegedly cheating on his wife, Karrine Steffans, actor Columbus Short revealed during a radio interview that he and the former video vixen never legally married.

Muslim domination of the trade routes through the Middle East made travel to India and China difficult.

Believing a route sailing west across the Atlantic would be quicker and safer, Columbus devised a plan to sail west to reach the East.

Wherever any one has sailed, there I have sailed.”“Speaking of myself, little profit had I won from twenty years of service, during which I have served with so great labors and perils, for today I have no roof over my head in Castile; if I wish to sleep or eat, I have no place to which to go, save an inn or tavern, and most often I lack the wherewithal to pay the score.”“They say that there is in that land an infinite amount of gold, and that the people wear corals on their heads and very large bracelets of coral on their feet and arms; and that with coral they adorn and inlay chairs and chests and tables.”“This island and all the others are very fertile to a limitless degree, and this island is extremely so.

In it there are many harbors on the coast of the sea, beyond comparison with others that I know in Christendom, and many rivers, good and large, which is marvellous.”“In all the countries visited by your Highnesses' ships, I have caused a high cross to be fixed upon every headland, and have proclaimed, to every nation that I have discovered, the lofty estate of your Highnesses, and of your court in Spain.”“Thus the story of Christopher Columbus reminds us that all fruitful exploration and discovery begins with a willingness to set one's sails higher, to seek new horizons, and to follow wherever one's imagination and experience might lead.

Steffans quickly took to Instagram to deny Short's claims that they never married, posting an image of their marriage license filed in the state of California.