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"The smoker is not emotionally present for the other person, and this leads to problems." And then there's chemistry -- or the lack of it. This can leave both people in a rut -- especially if the smoker is trying to quit. Peter Selby of the Centre of Addiction And Mental Health says tobacco is often the first substance that people become addicted to, and the last one they get rid of.You know that melodramatic bedroom scene when couples have hot sex, and right after someone -- usually the man -- lights up a cigarette? Support might be needed to motivate the quitter, but the non-smoker will also be in need of some help."You know you shouldn't go back to them, but you find yourself in the same bad habits." Candace Plattor says these bad habits get worse when a non-smoker is involved.

For smokers, lighting up is still seen as stress relief, a part of a social life and less helpfully, an addiction to nicotine.Years of peer pressure, picking up old habits or just trying to fit in with the crowd, can leave people struggling to kick the butt when starting a new relationship.In other cases, Plattor says smokers and non-smokers may not be on the same page."When some smokers are upset or anxious, they light up a cigarette," she says. study found that men who've quit smoking have better overall sexual health than men who continue to light up, according to the British Journal of Urology International.Keep things online or meet up in person with that special somone, it's all up to you!

Create your FREE profile now and find out who's looking to meet you!According to the Centre for Disease control 19% of all Americans smoke, so if non-smokers prefer to date other non-smokers then smokers are searching on a dating market that is roughly one quarter of the size of the non-smoking dating market.The marriage data suggests that people do tend to end up with people who have similar smoking habits as themselves.When markets are thin, there are few buyers and sellers and so it is difficult to achieve an equilibrium in which buyers and sellers can settle on a price at which they both want to trade and few transactions take place.If the market for smokers is thin, then, smokers are more likely to still be single when the market clears because it will be harder for them to find a partner who has all the qualities that they hoped for in a mate simply because they are searching within a smaller pool of singles than are non-smokers.For example, data collected from recently married couples between 19 found that 92% of non-smoking men and 86% of non-smoking women were married to women/men who also did not smoke.