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The Taurus man is stereotypically focused on career advancement and making it in this world.This is why it is quite uncommon for Taurus men to become managers, high-level executives, successful business people, social and cultural leader – they are very driven, they are goal -oriented.In general, Taurus and Cancer can get along quite well as long as they read each other clearly. The Taurus Is fairly straightforward, Taurus is driven by material considerations.

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From there, it’s really the Taurus partner’s call to take things to a higher level.

The Taurus male is the perfect combination of a nice guy and a macho man.

While it would seem that both horoscope signs have a lot more in common than differences, don’t let this fool you.

The real success of this Taurus and Cancer compatibility really rides on the Cancer partner.

Once the Cancer female partner knows that the Taurus man is working so hard driving so hard to provide for her on a material and emotional level, things will work out. Sadly, this is not always present, and this is where Taurus and Cancer compatibility can run into serious problems.

In this particular aspect, Taurus and Cancer compatibility is really driven by the Cancer woman’s ability to understand and the Cancer woman’s ability to demand the right level of communication and transparency.

You have to remember, the Taurus tends to read emotional equivalence in material things.

The Taurus man is driven to acquire a lot of money not because he wants a lot of money, but because that money means stability, that money means security.

If Taurus man is able to communicate this clearly to his Cancer female partner, things will work out well because the Cancer is always looking for assurance.

The Cancer is always looking for emotional security.

The good news is that, in many cases, the Taurus can provide enough guidance, enough positive energy to give the Cancer emotional cover to mature as a person.