Brazilian dating traditions

First originating in the countryside, where most religious people lived and where they relied more on rain for their agriculture, the festivities quickly spread to larger cities all around the country.

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Young men wear shorts with braces, while women put their hair up in ponytails, wear checkered dresses and paint freckles on their faces.Even though the festivities are held all around the country, it is in the Northeast that they are the most popular and impressive.Festa Junina’s origins date back to Portuguese colonization, and the holiday has developed over time to incorporate Brazilian cultural elements.The culture of indigenous populations, Afro-Brazilians and European immigrants has all influenced how the festivities are held in different regions in Brazil.In addition, rice pudding, the Brazilian version of mulled wine, sweet potatoes and much more are also included on the Festa Junina menu.

Quadrilha folk dances are a vital component of Festa Junina.

Dances involve up to 30 colorfully dressed performers, while a chosen ‘bride and groom’ act as the center of the spectacle.

Inspiration is taken from the 17th century French quadrilles, a type of traditional square dance, while the Brazilian adaptations are considerably more complex.

The Brazilian Festa Junina, which dates back to Portuguese colonization, commemorates Saint Anthony, Saint John and Saint Peter and marks the end of summer and the beginning of the harvest.

Sarine Arslanian details the various ways in which each region of Brazil celebrates this event, from traditional dances to colorful costumes.

Festa Junina is the term used to describe the traditional festivities that happen at the beginning of the Brazilian winter in June.