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We are, after all, living and dating in a golden era of men’s style.Except, perhaps, for the Milanese, fashion-conscious men have long been considered anomalies, though they’ve slowly been evolving for years.

Case in point: Style arbiter Kanye West clearly played a bigger role than most grooms in the aesthetics of his Givenchy-laden wedding to Kim Kardashian.West, along with legions of celebrated menswear labels and style stars, is proof that men are no longer reluctant followers of fashion, but some of the industry’s most ardent purveyors.But she admits, she grows wistful at the sight of a classic peacoat and at times is nostalgic for the days when Albert used to dress down.Except, of course when they ran into Hamish Bowles at a performance of It’s our perennially chic mutual friend Shala Monroque, however, who is much more exacting in her approach. Given Name: Robert Timothy Bogue Age: 52 (8/27/1964)Occupation: Entertainment - Actor Most Famous For: A.

Although it’s often been said that clothes make the man, as a single woman in fashion, I have wondered if they make the relationship?Perhaps to complement her own flair for color, texture, and whimsy, the St.Lucia–born creative consultant is taken with men of a certain cool asceticism.Ah, so then how much does (or should) fashion and style really factor into a relationship?With my aforementioned track record leaving me feeling unsure, and as I am currently single, I decided to confer with the chicest of my girlfriends to be certain.The pair cut a striking figure to this day, like something to rival Iman and David Bowie; as Michelle explains, much like the supermodel and rock icon, fashion stands at the foundation of their union.