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By admitting that it’s difficult, and that you have a lot to learn, you are putting yourself in a place to reach out and receive help.

There are places to connect online with others who have Asperger’s Syndrome. (Here’s a clip of how he met his girlfriend–it’s the third video down on the page, around the 27 minute mark).

I am definitely not going to pretend to have the answers, because I don’t.

By then they have said a few words and can indicate to some degree what they need or want.

Indeed, sometimes children with Asperger’s hit some of these milestones and later may regress rather than move forward.

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Aspie Affection Aspie Affection is a� dating site for people who have Asperger's Syndrome, ADHD, and� Autism..for people open to relationships with people dealing with these issues.

This post may contain affiliate links — the cost is the same to you, but we get a referral fee. No two people share the exact same experience with this developmental disability, often making it hard to define.

Asperger’s symptoms are going to vary widely from person to person.Alex Plank, a young man with Asperger’s, founded one of the largest online support communities for persons on the autism spectrum. Once you feel comfortable connecting in that community, you might want to check out another dating forum online for people with Asperger’s syndrome, called Aspie Affection.You may also find it helpful to connect offline with other adults who have Asperger’s Syndrome. You can also, if you want to branch out beyond your local support group, get involved in groups that share your values and/or interests. Com and typed in a search for Aspergers in Chicago, IL, which is my area, and came up with a list of 6 groups.How to Mingle is an interesting blog about developing dating social skills. Here are a couple of books that you will also find helpful to you in your continuous learning and personal development in this area: I'm Steve Borgman.I'm a licensed clinical professional counselor and blogger committed to bringing you hope, understanding, and solutions that you can apply to your life immediately.He figured that the more he practiced meeting women, the more comfortable he would become, so he asked out 100 women in a row!