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This is no commentary in any way on the status of my relationship with the Argentine Serpentine whether we are together, broken up, or somewhere in between.The women commonly have angelic features and sky blue eyes.If you want to score with her, show a sense of chivalry by paying out in a dinner for two and not paying out in piropos.

Being a glamorous woman in a city filled with women whose looks are just as alluring makes Buenos Aires a breeding ground for jealousy and insecurity among women.

For this reason, introduce your other plutonic female friends and don't make comments about their females friends good looks and please for the love of God don't talk about any woman you've dated in the past.

It is one of those things that are a matter of debate to whether piropos are uplifting or degrading.

Not all women in this country fit the stereotype of the Argentine femme fatale but there is definitely a subsector of women in this country that still fall into that category.

West coast north american style dating can be rather casual.

Two people start hanging out together often just as friends and then they begin to feel a vibe between them.

The Argentine Serpentine fits under the stereotype of having drop-dead gorgeous model like features.

However, procuring a goddess comes with a hefty pricetag.......being the cost of your soul.

Argentinian women are notorious for their extreme beauty.

Typically they require little to no special effects such as eye liners and foundations to enhance their looks because they are born beautiful.

The link below is a guide on how to bring the appropriate offerings or worship and sacrifice to your venetian goddess Argenhot: The Do's and Don'ts to Dating in Argentina p.s.