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It is estimated more than 103,000 people are living with HIV in the UK.

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The most common way of getting HIV in the UK is by anal or vaginal sex without a condom.It’s also possible for HIV to spread through oral sex though this is very unlikely (it is a one in 5,000 chance).“It felt like all the blood was drained out of my body and it was one of the most sinking feelings I have ever had. But I took the bull by the horns and used it as a way to take action with my life.“I knew about HIV but I never thought the virus would get me – it was an abstract thing.”He does not think much about the person who infected him with the virus.“I know some people who have never forgiven the person who gave it to them, but I felt there was no need to waste that energy,” Mr Causton-Ronaldson said.Since 2011 there have been between 30 and 80 new HIV diagnoses per year in Norfolk. In 2015 there were 652 people accessing HIV treatment in Norfolk, compared with 530 from 2014.

There are high prevalence rates in Norwich (2.10 per 1,000 people), but overall the rates for Norfolk are lower than the national average.

The university graduate, from Norwich, is one of the approximately 100,000 people in England living with HIV – a condition which weakens the body’s immune system.

He contracted the virus after having unprotected sex with another man three years ago.

A You Gov survey of people in the east of England, commissioned by the Terence Higgins Trust, revealed several misconceptions about HIV.

For example nearly a third of respondents (31pc) believe that sharing a toothbrush with someone who is HIV-positive can pass on the virus.

In 2015 there were 85,769 people accessing HIV treatment in England.