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Also, fun facts: the original was once part of the overseas railway, but it was actually a model of the bridge that was demolished during the filming of the Schwarzenegger​ flick, After driving miles past nothing but trees, the occasional log cabin, and plenty of stands selling peaches, you’ll appreciate Georgia’s hidden gem: Callaway Gardens.Think lush rolling mountains with bike trails, one of the world's largest indoor butterfly exhibits (!! And, not only can you enjoy a long weekend of ropes courses and water sports at what's billed as kind of Club Med in the middle of Georgia, but there's even a circus camp held on the grounds. From September until the second round of the playoffs, Indiana is the place. Yes, believe it or not, this three-mile protected stretch of beach along Lake Michigan is one of the best on the Great Lakes, and is a summer destination spot for Midwesterners looking to camp, hike, cycle, or just work on what will eventually just have to pass as a tan.

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Assuming you’re into more traditional scenery, though, the small town of Elk Falls -- known as the world’s largest living ghost town -- is a mid-19th century settlement in the heart of the Kansas Ozarks that attracts thousands of visitors each year.

In the heart of the Daniel Boone National Forest sits the Natural Bridge State Resort Park, a 2,300-acre swath whose main draw is this 78ft-long, 68ft-high sandstone bridge.

) has its own version of beauty, which is why we polled residents and tourism boards from each to determine what that one must-hit (and must-Instagram) spot is.

It’s basically a giant floating river of ice in a perfect Alaskan mountain valley, and it is best viewed from within the 229-acre Matanuska Glacier State Recreation Site. Wow, who knew Mother Nature could make something that looks as cool as what they create over at Pixar?

One of America’s best small beach towns is also home to the annual Hangout Music Festival, where you can see acts like Skrillex, Paramore, and the Zac Brown Band in the same weekend.

And, yes, that extends to the alarmingly high rate of jorts and "#3" stickers, but also to the gorgeous beaches; this tiny town on Alabama’s Gulf Coast is on par with any you’ll find in the Sunshine State.This pair of jagged mountain peaks that tower above serene Maroon Lake outside of Aspen has been dubbed the most photographed place in the state.If you listen to Jesus H Christ and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (and who doesn’t?), Connecticut is pretty much only for something that your phone autocorrects to “ducking.” But if you listen to the CT Convention & Sports Bureau, it’s for rock climbing, swimming, zip-lining, water skiing, and all the other fun stuff you can do at this recreation park carved into an old rock quarry.If you live in Delaware, Versailles is a long way away.Not only can you appreciate Lake Michigan and the rest of the Windy City from one of the world's most premiere observation decks, but you can even enjoy a stuffed-crust pizza while you're up there! You wouldn’t think any place that offers tours of outhouses would be at all scenic.