Aidan turner and lenora crichlow dating

Asked how it feels to be an overnight sex symbol, he chuckles. I can reveal that Turner is contracted to be in a further five series of Poldark, should the BBC make the obvious decision to make more.

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He explained of the periods of separation: ‘It’s all we’ve ever known [as a couple] and it makes for good times when we meet up again and maybe have a month straight when we’re both unemployed and watching movies every day.

It’s fun to laze around and do normal things.’Aidan is quietly bowled over by his sudden fame. But it is nice that the show has gone down quite well and people are positive about it.’In the show, Turner is British Army officer Ross Poldark, who returns to Cornwall following the American War of Independence to find his father dead, the family’s tin mine in ruins and his sweetheart, Elizabeth, engaged to his cousin.

It seems as though it’s the most basic supernatural idea possible, in some ways, but Toby has created this show that stands on its own, which is really cool. Lenora: Annie is beautifully, fantastically, wonderfully fit, and Mitchell is all right, in the right light, but I think their connection is deeper than that. He’s been running for so long from this problem and this disease that he has.

Suddenly, he moves in with a wolf, which is something he never would have done before and, in a lot of ways, Annie is the anchor in the house because she doesn’t go anywhere and she’s such a nurturing person. He needs someone to look after him ‘cause he doesn’t have anybody else.

One of those watching Poldark on Sunday was his old drama teacher Patrick Sutton, director of Dublin’s Gaiety School of Acting, who told me: ‘I settled down in front of the telly like a child waiting to meet Father Christmas.

And then he comes on, all brooding and bubbling and seething, and I said to myself: “Well, that’s a grand day out.” I could not be prouder of him.’He was raised in Clondalkin, just west of Dublin, and went to St Mac Dara’s Community College in Templeogue.

So, I went into my audition saying, “Is this where you’re going with it? They each have things in common with each other’s fight, but they are quite unique.

,” and when they said yes, I was like, “My god, that’s really interesting.” Aidan: For such an obvious idea, it just came out original, which is weird. Aidan: And a lot of people don’t see the good in Mitchell.

All of that is very evident in the script, as soon as you read it.

I remember going in for the audition and I thought it was such a stupid idea when I was told about it. ” And then, I read the script and I laughed out loud, and I thought, “Either this is really clever, because I drew the parallels from what was there on the page, or maybe I’ve read too much into it.” I thought it was such an interesting, different way of approaching all the relationships and dynamics of a flat-share.

Turner had no idea what he wanted to do after school.