After updating ie cant view pages

Test this theory by running IE without any add-ons -- type "Internet Explorer" into the Start menu search box and choose the "Internet Explorer (No Add-Ons)" option.

If the issue is resolved, use the Manage Add-ons dialog within Internet Explorer to disable these plugins one by one until you identify the one at fault.

For many businesses, access to the Web is an essential part of a company's operation.

If you get the "page cannot be displayed" then I'm afraid you can't access SSL sites. Here are the steps that you should try to fix your "secure sites problem".

Verify that Internet Explorer Is Using 128-Bit Encryption: Here are some Microsoft Knowledge Base articles dealing with this problem that you may like to look at if you aren't able to solve the problem.

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Hi folks, IE11 seems to be working pretty well, with one exception. Tom Hello ruirib, I tried briefly IE 9 & 10 (for about a day each) and was so disappointed that I rolled back to IE8.

Check with the developer for an updated version of the add-on.

Many issues relating to the "Internet Explorer cannot display the Web page" message can be fixed by emptying the Internet Explorer history from the "Internet Options" entry on the Tools menu.

Antivirus Zone Alarm Free for Personal Use Sy Gate Personal Free Edition (I personally use)Out Post Firewall Free Jetico Personal Free Kerio Free Personal Firewall Very good software firewall. My computer remained in a box for a month after I moved, and when I hooked it back up I couldn't access any secure sites. Norton was installed on my machine but the 'internet security' part was turned off, and the anti-virus was doing periodic scans but was not active.

Uninstalling Norton fixed the problem- I'm now using AVG.

i have had this problem for several months now, and i tried all the suggestions on your post, however none of them worked.

having my computer at home is almost pointless without this ability. my dsl provider once told me that there was a bug that caused this.

You should remove it since it is of little value with the definion being of f date.