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Update: It’s now 2016 and many of the incomes people shared (in the comments below) are now years old and likely no longer accurate simply because things in the blogging world change so fast. When I first asked people to share what they were making in 2010, I saw a general trend emerge.

The world would be an even better place with more of these bright, unique and dedicated healers.

I would like to see every acupuncturist reaching a comfortable level of success so he or she can help as many people as possible for as long as possible.

For example, if a blogger got 40,000 pageviews per month, they we’re making roughly 0 a month.

If they got 400,000 pageviews per month, it was about 00 a month.

I would say, your income is pretty proportional to the amount of time you put in.

In other words, it’s not likely you’ll make a full-time income writing and networking 2-4 hours a does an aspiring acupuncturist (like me), who has little experience (and even less interest) in business planning, practice management and financial anything, plan, start and grow a successful acupuncture practice?Almost 15 years ago I was asking myself that question. I just did not have an inclination for business and naively resisted the whole notion of practice management and marketing.(Again, I’ll refer you to my post How to Make Money Blogging for a list of many more income streams.) These days the trend seems to clearly point in the direction of creating and selling your own products as well as things like affiliate marketing (one of my top income streams which I list here), sponsored posts, etc.The amount one makes blogging depends on many factors like: The list goes on and on. (By the way, if after reading you decide you want to start a blog and you don’t have one yet, you can set one up in 15 minutes.) I’m going to make a broad, blanket statement here just for perspective (there are exceptions to every rule, so please take that into account).Like Goldilocks, I hope this website gets it "juuust right"!