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Income (earned) will force that one ship "BC" to spend all or more income then they can afford on scan, scan upgrade (regeneration), and "Lockdown"Without that one ship (BC) all ships have (NO) way of destroying a void. To even the score board voids must loose the cloak ability.Now if compelled to put something in their pocket for "equality" purposes (which isn't necessary) add extra shield.

So maybe I'm missing something completely obvious, but really I'm not sure how people are doing it.

How do you link a game / game lobby to the chat screen? Now how do you destroy a ship you can't catch and can't see?

In this episode, Mulder and Scully investigate a spate of "lonely hearts" murders targeting overweight women.

The two eventually discover a mutant killer who is extracting the body fat from his victims after seducing them over online chat rooms.

The episode was the first one of the series to be written by Vlaming.

"2Shy" also marked Steve Kiziak's first appearance as Duchovny's body double.

They find that he had started one account using a credit card taken from a previous victim.

Kaminsky stands up Incanto while he waits at a restaurant.

He leaves, murdering a slightly overweight prostitute who injures him in a struggle.

Incanto is forced to flee before he can fully dissolve the body.

Scully attempts to perform an autopsy on Lauren's body, only to find that it has liquified with only a skeleton remaining.