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The Fenty marriage had been rumored to be on the rocks for months; there’s no indication that Powell Jobs had any role in the split.

(The divorce is close to completion but not yet finalized.) If you don’t know much about Powell Jobs, 49, you’re not alone.

Soon after they split, Fenty and Powell Jobs began their romance, and, last month, Powell Jobs was even pictured not wearing her wedding ring whilst she was on vacation in Italy.

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Larry Brilliant, a friend of Jobs, told New York times earlier this year, “She’s been mourning for a year and was grieving for five years before that.

Her life was about her family and Steve, but she is now emerging as a potent force on the world stage, and this is only the beginning.” Adrian Fenty and Laurene Powell Jobs grew closer when he joined the board of College Track, which was founded by Jobs last year.

He and wife Michelle were a young, stylish couple and popular guests at Washington’s A-list parties.

After his defeat in the 2010 Democratic primary election, Fenty returned to private life and began consulting with education tech companies like Rosetta Stone, speaking around the country, and teaching at his alma mater, Oberlin College.

Laurene Powell Jobs, 49, and Adrian Fenty, 42, got their romance rolling in January when the former DC mayor announced his separation from wife Michelle, the Washington Post reported today.

The new power couple met in 2011 at an education conference.

“And we miss him every day.” Fenty, 42, has been as public as Powell Jobs has been private.

He burst onto the national scene after his election as D. mayor in 2006 and made school reform a marquee project.

She is believed to have a fortune of around billion, which she inherited when Steve Jobs died of pancreatic cancer at the age of 56.

Laurene Powell Jobs and husband Steve Jobs arrive at the 82nd Annual Academy Awards in 2010.

Laurene Powell Jobs, the widow of Steve Jobs, is reportedly dating Adrain Fenty, the former mayor of Washington D. Jobs, whose husband died in 2011, at the age of 56, having helped to change the landscape of the world with his various technological inventions at Apple, is believed to have met Fenty in 2011 at an education conference.