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They wore necklaces with blue faience beads, and gold leaf; girdles of cowrie shells molded in gold; silver bracelets with semi-precious stones; golden amulets decorated with the face of Hathor, the Egyptian goddess of love and fertility; and pencil thick glass-stud earrings.

Some jewelry was believed to be imbued with magical powers.

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Even when women wore tops breasts were visible in the thin fabric. Ordinary men often wore loin clothes and went bare chested.Commoner men (pyramid builders) wore loin clothes and women dressed in long sheaths attached above the breasts with a shoulder strap. The Pharaohs and upper classes favored clothes made from linen and embroidered with colored cloth. A 3,300-year-old leather sandal and 3,100 gazelle hide tent have been found.Archaeologists have collected well preserved samples of ancient Egyptian fabric and complete human-hair wigs. Scientists examining the hair of a 3,000-year-old Egyptian mummy found a strand of silk.Amulets were inserted in different stages of the embalming process, each with special spells and incantations to go along with it.

Some bore inscriptions and were made of materials, such as gold, faience (a blue stone), lapis lazuli, carnelian, green feldspar, and green jasper.

From what can be determined, the Egyptian upper classes were very fashion conscious.

Much effort went into preparing their clothes and the hairstyles, which appeared to changed often over the centuries.

For example, sculptures of women depict them wearing sexy, thin, tight-fitting garments while clothes excavated from graves tend be loose and smock-like. Sandal-makers depicted in tomb paintings went about their duties like 19th century cobblers. One very old image shows a nobleman walking barefoot followed by a servant carrying his shoes. Egyptians exchanged sandals when they exchanged property or authority.

Some elite New Kingdom women wore form-fitting dresses of pleated linen. A sandal was given to a groom by the father of the bride.

Clothmakers made linen with a fine texture for pharaohs and noblemen. In tomb art women are portrayed as tall and bosomy.