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To take a fair stance, I agree that teens do need privacy, but they also need guidance and supervision. Is it peer pressure to please a boyfriend or girlfriend? Is it a lack of confidence leading him or her to do something they may later regret, or is it the mere curiosity of being a teen?

Parents don't have to read everything their teen is posting, just randomly browse through the content. Find out the reason behind your teen’s sexting and work your way up. Many teens have been jailed and placed on probation all because of sexting.

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Once again the issue of sexting hits the headlines…this time with NYC mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner's (aka online alias "Carlos Danger") sexting scandal. Weiner's decisions will continue to haunt him, his career, and his personal life for quite some time.A concerned parent contacted me after I posted my last sexting blog because he found out that his teen daughter was sexting.He was trying everything to protect her and her reputation, only she didn't see the long-term consequences of her actions. ” Many would say this is an easy fix --- just take away the electronic device.While he is an adult who made his own decisions, while fully aware of the consequences, it brings up the issue once again of sexting and the repercussions of it.

If an adult can't escape the humiliation and embarrassment of sexting, how does it affect the life of a teen?

Recently, when a schoolgirl sending an explicit photo to her boyfriend, resulted in the police being called in.

She was under 18 and therefore committing an offence of distributing an indecent image of a child – even though she was the child in question.

Maybe you're thinking, "not my teen...” consider this: research tells us that one in four teens are sending these messages and approximately 48% are on the receiving end.

With statistics like that it's evident that someone's teen is doing it.

You don't need a phone, an IPod will work just fine. The message content will “disappear” after a few seconds, which leads some teen users to believe that sending sexts may be more secure than it really is.