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2.2 It also applies to any staff employed for their specialist knowledge or skill in relation to cyber crime within specialist departments who interrogate electronic evidence and provide specialist advice to investigators in order to provide the best possible evidence in any criminal proceedings.

The remit of these departments is extensively detailed within the procedures of this policy.

Specialist skills are often required to secure the best possible evidence and bring the perpetrators of such crimes to justice.1.3 Cyberbullying is the use of technology to harass, threaten, embarrass, or target another person.This policy will ensure that the integrity of evidence gathered during the course of an investigation will be safeguarded in order to provide the best possible evidence in any criminal proceedings.5.2 All investigating officers will fully consider whether the analysis of the electronic evidence would add value to the investigation before submission to HTCU as all submissions will be scrutinised upon receipt for suitability of a forensic examination by the unit.3 Purpose 3.1 This policy introduces accountability and establishes corporate standards to ensure all computer and digital based equipment suspected of being used in cyber crime is correctly seized, transported and submitted to one of the specialist departments in order to safeguard the integrity of potential evidence in criminal proceedings.

4 Scope 4.1 This policy defines the process to be followed when seizing, handling and submitting digital and electronic devices and media that require forensic analysis to the Hi-Tech Crime Unit (HTCU) whose disciplines include: 5 Policy Statement 5.1 Sussex Police recognises the growth of cyber crime and the detrimental impact it can have.3.5 The general principles, if adhered to, will ensure the best chance of evidence being recovered in an uncontaminated and, therefore, acceptable manner.3.6 It is accepted that, depending on the particular circumstances found during a search, there may be more appropriate options available than those that follow.1.4 Many types of crimes will have some element of forensic investigation that involves computers, telephones and other digital devices.Vital evidence and intelligence can often be recovered and it important that an officer always considers devices for examination whilst formulating an investigative strategy.1 Introduction 1.1 There has been a considerable growth in cyber crime.