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Learn how to become a phone sex operator and how you can find phone sex operator jobs.

A phone sex operator, also called a phone actor, is someone who typically takes sexually explicit calls.

Once everyone's asleep, you log back into your phone actor account to take more calls and troll chat rooms for new callers.

The following comments are from moms who've submitted their phone actor experiences:"My husband and I both have full time day jobs though, but with the economy being as bad as it is right now, we need any extra income we can get.

We have a baby who I take care of after work so hubby can go to his part time job, and then when baby goes to bed for the night, I log on to my ' Phone Actress' line and wait for calls to come in." -Alyssa"Being a phone sex operator is my family’s sole job. I just bought myself and the kids an outside swingset and I love my job.

Since you don't have a set schedule, the hours you work are up to you. Research the company and ask questions before you commit.

These phone actors share tips for breaking into the industry:"Look for a well-established company, and try to avoid staffing agencies.

When it's time to pick up the kids, you log out of your phone actor account to stop taking calls.

You spend the afternoon with your children, help them with homework, get dinner on the table and tuck them in at night.

Combo - You "troll" for callers as you would in the trolling company description above but you also take calls through the company's dispatch line. You setup a website, visit chat rooms, message boards and use social media to get people to call.

You earn money when someone calls, even though you're not the one taking the call. Phone sex jobs usually pay by the hour or for talk time.

Some companies allow you to set your own per-minute rates. Your pay is usually sent by check or direct deposit weekly or monthly.

SAHMs who've reported they're working as phone sex actors say their work schedule revolves around their home life schedule.

Dispatch - The company accepts calls first and then re-routes the caller to you.