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You can find lots of body-contour dresses that end just below the knee, autumn's new sexy length.Eight o’clock on a freezing November evening — but for all the skimpy outfits on the streets of Manchester, you’d think it was 80 degrees on the Costa Brava.Namath married one woman, and though they divorced, he had two kids with that same woman and only that woman.

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Myers leader Lebanon Michigan Middle East movie movie review Movie Reviews Muslim Muslims New York President Princess Saudi Arabia terrorist United States USA Today USD video Wall Street Journal White House Yes, he had his drunk moment asking Suzy Kolber to kiss him on national TV.

And he never had a criminal record or wasted his life savings on a collection of Nike Air Jordans.

Can’t say the same for most of the NFL players today.

Here the women’s hems are so high — and their tops so low — that there’s no more than a few inches of fabric to shield them from the biting winter cold.

Tonight it’s Hannah Lawson’s 18th birthday and she’s out on the town with five of her college friends after spending three hours getting ready.

My copy is signed by the late Dick Schaap, who co-wrote it, but I want Namath’s John Hancock, too.) It’s got chapters like, “I Like My Girls Blond and My Johnnie Walker Red,” and “Some of My Best Friends Are Arabs” (about three drinking buddies, business partners, and pals of Lebanese Christian descent, whom he called, “my Arab legion”). I’d be remiss if I didn’t say that I was somewhat disappointed in some of the later Joe Namath, like his November 2006 appearance on “60 Minutes” to “repent” for his alcohol-laden Suzy Kolber incident on ESPN.

Here was my comment then: Did we really need to see Joe Namath cry and hear that he has an imaginary friend? Liked him better like this, when at age 26, he wrote his autobiography.

But among the ‘stripper-chic’ girls whom we interviewed in Cardiff, Manchester, Newcastle and London, it was clear that there are many others like her: ordinary women dressing in a deliberately sexualised style.

Among their number were students, nurses, trainee accountants, trainee social workers, nurses and full-time mothers.

Back to front: The extremely tight skirts of these young women in Cardiff reach the very tops of their thighs.